On the 6th January, we made security improvements to top-ups and wanted to let you know about the change.

3D Secure for top-ups

We’ve added an additional security measure called 3D Secure, where your bank may ask you for identity verification when topping up. This change ensures we comply with Payment Service Directive II (PSD2), a law introduced in the UK to reduce fraud and improve payment security. 

What this means for you

Banks may now ask you to verify your identity when adding money to your B-Social account. You will need to enter these details for the money to be added.

Some digital banks haven't yet fully implemented this security measure, and this means that, for the time being, Apple Pay top-ups will be unavailable with these banks.

If you receive an error when topping-up with Apple Pay, don't worry. There is nothing wrong with your B-Social account and your money is safe! You can still top-up by choosing the debit card option.

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